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Diversifying the packaging mix – what solutions exist?

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3rd of June, from 09 :00 to 10:00 C.E.T

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Packaging can be a differentiation point for small and medium-sized brewers, if used correctly. How can suppliers serve small brewers and their smaller production volumes/batches? Cans are increasingly considered by small brewers as a viable option for packaging freshly brewed beer. The taste properties of canned beer has improved and consumers’ perception is changing. Despite some question marks over how sustainable cans are compared to other methods, this option is being embraced by brewers.

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NAME: Darren Fenton

TITLE: COO, Bevcraft Ireland

BIOGRAPHY: Darren Fenton is COO of Bevcraft Group, provides beverage canning solutions to ‘craft’ beverage producers. The company was set up in 2016 by Ciarán Gorman and Darren Fenton, and was the first to offer many of these solutions in Europe. Today the Bevcraft Group the largest ‘craft can’ business anywhere in Europe with bases in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands.

Key service lines include:

  • Mobile Contract Canning
  • Can Wholesale on behalf of some Europe’s largest canmaking plants
  • Can decoration services – labelling, sleeving and printing.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: “The Craft Conundrum” – Tapping into mass production efficiencies at a micro scale”

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Traditionally canning was carried out in massive production plants mainly by giant multinational operators and multi-million euro investment was required to produce a canned beverage. In the 2010’s much smaller scale linear canning line technology was developed in the USA which gave rise to the concept of ‘mobile canning’ for the craft beverage sector. Our solution – combined with the other solutions we have developed – completely eliminates the barriers to smaller producers canning (i.e. no stock, procurement, labour, capex barriers), and allows small producers to consolidate demand across the sector and access material at prices usually only available to much larger players.

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NAME: Jan Paul

TITLE: Brygmester / Brewmaster, Svaneke Bryghus A/S

BIOGRAPHY: Born and educated as a brewer in Germany (he holds a B.Sc in brewing from the TU München/Weihenstephan and a diploma in Applied Microbiology from the VLB), Jan has been working for Svaneke Bryghus, Denmark, as brewmaster since 2005. He is a lecturer at brewing schools in Denmark, USA and Iceland, gives speeches at brewing events and is a consultant for several breweries (Indonesia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia etc.).

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Craft beer on cans: Considerations and experiences from a small scale brewery

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Jan will cover a mix of topics that matter for small brewers contemplating investing in canning, ranging from the quality benefits and risks, the sales and marketing aspects (i.e. how to make cans “sexy” for the customer), the logistics (quite important for an island-based brewery) as well as the environmental and climate aspects.

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NAME: Jan Biering

TITLE: Head of Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production (FIBGP)

BIOGRAPHY: Educated as a brew master from 1997 to 2003 at the Technical University of Berlin, with a two year apprenticeship at Kulmbacher brewery as brewer and maltster, Jan worked as a plant manager at Schlossbrauerei Schwarzbar until 2011 before he joined the VLB as a scientific worker and consultant. Since February of this year, he heads the Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production at the VLB.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Can´s – Pro´s &Con´s on flavor stability

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: This presentation will give a short overview in beer flavor stability. The special focus is on influences from used container on the final product and the stability of the beer flavor and taste.


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NAME: Larry Nelson

TITLE: Founder, Advantage Publishing Ltd

BIOGRAPHY: Publisher of The Brewery Manual and The Cider Manual, annual directories detailing the myriad players in UK brewing and cidermaking industries. Publisher and editor of Brewers’ Guardian for more than a decade, with publication of the title currently suspended. Previously the brewing industry columnist for just-drinks.com

A Canadian who has lived in the Home Counties outside London for the past 30 years. Has worked as a journalist both in Canada and the UK. Graduate of the University of Westminster with a Master of Arts in Journalism.

Writing majors on the business of beer and cider, both in the UK and globally. Writes copy for various industry suppliers. Experienced beer judge. Staging one-man campaign to have Hogs Back Brewery in Surrey, England return to brewing single varietal Farnham White, the only beer in the world to make use of Farnham White Bine hops. Lovely stuff.

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