Brewers Forum & 38th EBC Congress, Madrid (Spain)

Join us next year, 29 May to 01 June 2022

The Brewers Forum 2021 has now ended! Attendees can rewatch the sessions by connecting to the platform. Replays are available until the 18th of June

The Brewers Forum 2021 is now over! Nearly 2500 brewers, suppliers, policymakers, NGOs and others signed up to follow our 19 sessions and 50+ speakers and panelists for inspiring discussions and intense knowledge sharing over four days.

Replays of the session are available to registered attendees on the platform until the 18th of June by using the connection details.

Thank you for attending! We are looking forward to seeing you all in Madrid next year! 


Brewers Forum/38th EBC Congress
May 29 to June 01 2022, Madrid, Spain

The Brewers Forum brings together brewers of all sizes, ingredients suppliers, equipment providers and the entire beer value chain, to discuss the latest and upcoming developments. Held on a yearly basis, it addresses via plenaries, breakout seminars and practical workshops the hot topics in the beer world, from brewing technologies, brewing skills, marketing, sustainability, consumers' expectations, trade, trends etc.

The EBC Congress is one of the most important brewing technical events in Europe as well as across the globe. It appeals to researchers, technologists, scientists and other professionals involved in the fields of brewing, malting, beverage engineering and fermentation. During the EBC Congress, attendees can follow more than 50 scientific presentations and read more than 100 technical posters and discuss with their authors. The last day is reserved for technical tours to breweries, maltings, supplier / brewing engineering companies.



Brewers Forum 2021 looks ahead to the future of beer

Brewers Forum 2021 looks ahead to the future of beer

What is the future of beer in the post-Covid era? How can brewers make beer environmentally friendly and ensure that brewing contributes even more to the green recovery? What are the latest innovations bringing new styles, expanding traditional methods and improving...

Raising the bar: future of sustainable beer

Raising the bar: future of sustainable beer

Sustainability is a game changer for the entire world and also for the beer industry. Brewers as well as consumers and the beer supply chain have already taken a lot of initiatives (some of them can be discovered here) to make the brewing business even more...

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