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Back to the root: modernizing historical and preserved beer styles

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3rd of June, from 12:00 to 13:00 C.E.T

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With a history going back thousands of years, there are many traditional beer styles that have been forgotten. But history offers a rich source of inspiration to rejuvenate old brewing traditions and adapt them to modern times.

This session highlights two inspiring examples from Europe and and a less familiar, but no less inspiring one, from Africa. Lars Marius Garshol introduces us to the world of Kveik and Ulrike Genz explains how she revived real Berliner Weiße. Traditional beer culture is not limited to Europe alone. Umqombothi has been a staple for large parts of the population of South Africa. Lethu Tshabangu has fused this century old brewing tradition with saison from Europe. In this way, he has brought two worlds together.

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NAME: Lars Marius Garshol

TITLE: Senior Software Engineer at Piano Software and author of the book: “Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing

BIOGRAPHY: Lars Marius Garshol is a Norwegian software engineer that travels the world to learn more about beer. Garshol spent five years researching various aspects of brewing at remote farmhouses throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. He is the author of LarsBlog, a blog devoted to sharing his discoveries and travels as he researches the lost art of brewing in northern Europe, Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing, and a book on Lithuanian beer. He lives with his wife and daughter in Rælingen, Norway.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Farmhouse ale: the other half of the world of beer

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Brewers and drinkers have generally focused on the world of commercial brewing, but farmhouse brewing was once common across all of northern Europe. And farmhouse brewers used techniques and ingredients very different from those of modern brewers. This second half of the world of brewing has a wealth of lessons to teach modern brewers looking for new flavours.

NAME: Ulrike Genz

TITLE: Funder and brewmaster, Schneeeule Brauerei, Berlin

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Pösneck (Germany), Ulrike studied Civil Engeneering in Weimar and later worked as Civil Engeneer in Berlin, first full time (until 2003) and then part time as she started studying Microbiology/Brewing Technology at the Technische Universität Berlin. During her time studying brewing, she started Homebrewing and fell in Love with REAL Berliner Weisse. Her love for this style led here to research a lot about the style. Once she had completed her brewing cursus, she quitted her job and founded Schneeeule (in 2016). Last year, she opened a taproom in Berlin and started to export to Japan, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, USA etc.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: The history of Berliner Weisse and the Schneeeules take on it.

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Ulrike will talk about the heydays and decline of Berliner Weisse, what exactly is REAL Berliner Weisse and how Schneeeule ist trying to reanimate this beerstyle.

NAME: Lethu Tshabangu

TITLE: Founder and head brewer of Ukhamba Beerworx, Capetown, South Africa

BIOGRAPHY: LethuTshabangu is the founder and head brewer of Ukhamba Beerworx a microbrewery based in Capetown by the Waterfront, a brewery that happens to be the most beautiful brewery in Africa.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Inspired then, living now

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Lethu will talk about traditional African beer ” Umqombothi “. He’ll touch on its contribution to the formation of the African civil society, spiritual significance, intermarriages and harmony between many societies, influence in trading, how it came to Nguni tribes of Southern Africa and how it is brewed. Lethu is looking forward to sharing the African side of the great story of fermentation.


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NAME: Lucy Corne

TITLE: Freelance Beer & Travel Writer, Co-founder of the African Beer Cup

BIOGRAPHY: Lucy Corne is an award-winning beer writer based in South Africa. Editor of On Tap Magazine and founder of the Brewmistress blog, Lucy has also authored two books on the South African beer scene. She is the co-founder of the African Beer Cup, founder of South African National Beer Day and Africa’s first Certified Cicerone. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and son, three hop plants, and a fridge full of pilsner.

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