Sam Holloway is the Bay Area Distinguished Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Portland. His research on business model innovations examines how strategy affects the design of organizational architectures and has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Harvard Business Review’s digital site, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Marketing Science Review, and Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, among others. His textbook – “Crafting A Strategy” has been adopted at Universities from Australia to Europe and is increasingly used to teach strategic thinking. Additionally, Dr. Holloway is a recognized global expert in the craft beer industry.

CRAFTING A STRATEGY (CAS) is an online global community of beer business executives spanning more than 30 countries on five continents. Whereas most large beer companies focus on growth and scale, CAS is a community for smaller breweries who define winning differently. Growth and scale ultimately force breweries to choose shelf stability over flavor, to choose fewer beer choices at a time when beer drinkers crave more choices, and to design business models aiming to return profits above happiness and the inherent human connections that beer has always relied upon. CAS entrepreneurs realize that every time they think and act like a large brewery, their competitive advantage dissipates and their happiness vanishes. If you are interested in winning as a small brewery, we encourage you to join our community.

CAS is built upon a curriculum of over 190 graduate level business lessons specific to the needs of small breweries. Visit our website CRAFTINGASTRATEGY.COM, where we’ve rewritten the entire MBA curriculum to eschew growth for growth’s sake and to infuse strategic thinking with ways to win while being small and profitable. If running a small brewery with 80% gross margins sounds better to you than running a large brewery that loses money only so it can keep growing, then this is the place for you. If you own a small brewery and are desperate for new ways of thinking, find our President and Co-founder, Dr. Sam Holloway in Prague and let him buy you a beer – we are confident it will prove mutually rewarding.

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