Ramsay Wells

Ramsay is a finance and general management professional with extensive experience in the support of large, complex technology organizations. After a long career in the corporate world he moved in to the realm of startups and has become a serial entrepreneur. In addition to founding Pato Brewing, Ramsay has founded a number of other ventures ranging from secure communications to his latest venture in Earned Wage Access.  His career has taken him to many places – Canada, USA, UK, Brazil, Poland – but he has found his home in Portugal. He is passionate about offering products and services to people that improve their lives and good beer is one of the best. As co-brewmaster and production manager, Ramsay is hands on with every recipe and batch of Pato beer and loves the beer making process.

“There is nothing better than knowing that someone’s day just got better because they are having a Pato beer.”

Ramsay Wells, Pato Brewing

Our Vision

To provide high quality craft beer in classic styles; focusing on flavor over novelty. The hallmark of a Pato beer is the desire to drink another one.

Our Story

Pato Brewing was born out of the selfish desire to drink better beer. Craft beer was just starting to gain a toehold in Lisbon but was not generally available in Cascais. The usual choice between two industrial lagers was the only option. We wanted more flavorable and interesting beer to drink; so, we decided to try our hand at making it ourselves. We undertook a self-taught crash course in brewing in the garage on a small home brewing kit. After much experimentation and a few tastings with family and friends we decided we had a recipe good enough to share. Three of those initial test recipes have eventually made it into our repertoire.

The three founders brought a wide range of experience to the craft beer business; along with a love of good food and drink. From its inception Pato Brewing has prided itself on providing tasty, quality beer and professional service to all our customers.

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