Peter Monrad

Peter Monrad is a Copenhagen-based graphic designer with years of experience in content marketing, branding, art direction and design for web and mobile apps. He was design director for international podcast startup Podimo when it launched and today he’s the creative director of Danish communications agency Bright. 

In his book Craft Beer Design published by Gestalten, Peter Monrad finally brings a global perspective to the truly global phenomenon that is craft beer branding. As microbreweries use cans and bottle labels to define their ethos and identity, they push the boundaries of graphic design and illustration. This curated selection shows the best and the most out-there, and reveals that when it comes to craft beer, what’s on the can matters as much as what’s in it.

In his spare time Peter Monrad is an avid consumer of east coast IPAs – and most other types of beer – and a musician/producer releasing music under the moniker Tiny Anthem.

Peter Monrad, Craft Beer Design

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