Michal Voldrich

Michal Voldrich (biorn 1967) completed his studies in 1989 in brewing and malting at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague during which he already worked in several breweries.

The greatest influence on his future pride and relationship to brewing was the long-term auxiliary work at the only microbrewery in the former Czechoslovakia, the U Fleků brewery during his studies. After 1989, business opportunities opened up, so he and his friend built one of the first modern microbreweries, Pivovarsky dvur Zvikov (Brewery Yard in Zvikov). And it was here that the first top-fermented beer in the Czech Republic was brewed again after almost 100 years. This is how the modern development of the diversity of today’s Czech brewing industry actually started.

Michal Voldrich has been working for more than 36 years in some large breweries such as Staropramen and Braník. He has experience from foreign breweries in the Bass group, such as Burton upon Trent or Cape Hill. He currently works as the production director of Lobkowicz Group and Protivin brewery. He also devotes himself to his brewery in Zvikov and at the same time serves as the President of the Czech – Moravian Union of Microbreweries bringing 160 members, where he promotes the popularity of Czech brewing, friendly and decent cooperation and communication between all breweries regardless of size.

The Czech-Moravian Union of Microbreweries

The Czech-Moravian Union of Microbreweries brings together members from all parts of the Czech Republic who significantly influence social life in the regions. It spreads the good name of Czech beer and the famous tradition of our brewing industry. The Czech-Moravian Union of Microbreweries defends the interests of its members and acts not only as an advisor, but also as a strong and unified authority when dealing with authorities and institutions, as well as when dealing with legislators over news and amendments to legislation.

The goal of the Czech-Moravian Union of Microbreweries is, among other things, to provide an educational service in a wide range of knowledge related to business in microbreweries, but also a system of mutual exchange of personal experiences and familiarization with the latest developments in the field. The Union also participates in the education and training of future brewers. Last but not least, it provides an information service on legislative news.




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