Martin Zuber

My name is Martin Zuber, 59 years old. I was born in Munich and live with my family in the Bavarian Oberland – Germany. After my apprenticeship for brewing and malting, I worked for a short time in a Swiss brewery. After that I studied brewing technology at the Technical University of Munich / Weihenstephan, graduating as a master brewer. For many years I worked for the Paulaner Group in various positions, most recently as managing director of a small craft beer brewery. For several years I have been an independent consultant in the brewing industry but also manage a research brewery in the hop industry. I am also a judge for beer competitions and I’m a beer sommelier as well.

Martin Zuber, MZBC

MZBC provides advices (in product development and technological advice, change in management, quality management of draft beer, interim management, project support and establishment of QS systems in private breweries), Training (in beer dispensing technology and beer care, sensory, brewing basics, product training) and events support (Beer Sommelier Events, brewing courses, beer tours, beer dinner and beer tastings, framework program for company events and individual beer events).


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