Marius Mircea

Marius Mircea is general director and associated partner within Clinica de Bere (Beer Clinique), but also Clinical Psychologist Specialist. After several years of practising therapy in an emergency hospital, he is now practising beer therapy, through Terapia brand that he, together with his 6 friends and partners, created almost 13 years ago.

Marius treats his “patients” with dedication and responsability. Beer is a drink full of significant nutritients, with proven benefits on people health when consumed in moderation. All the beer specialities Clinica de Bere produces contain a list of „therapeutic indications” to show the respect for this complex drink

Marius Mircea - Clinica de Bere

Clinica de Bere is the first microbrewery established in Romania (Timișoara) in 2011 and offers only premium class beer specialties.

Clinica de Bere produces four types of beer: Terapia Platin, a wheat beer, Terapia Gold, a golden ale, both unfiltered and unpasteurized, Terapia Rubin, an Amber Ale type unfiltered special beer and Terapia Citrin, an India Pale Ale type unfiltered special beer.

Terapia is a natural and fresh beer, unpasteurized, unfiltered, without preservatives. The company’s initiative to produce the highest quality beer is based on the desire to preserve, save and create new local traditions and values.

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