Juliette Phuong

Juliette guides people to build more inclusive companies. To her, change will come from improving processes, organizations and people skills. She has challenged many forms of discrimination in various fields, from business to education. By questioning our current way of thinking and working, she intends to create long-term change.

Passionate about beer, she became beer sommelier with the international program of Doemens Akademie. She co-founded Buveuses de Bières, a French non-profit organization dedicated to beer education for women and gender minorities.

Juliette Phuong, Vu Merci

We are a Diversity & Inclusion training agency. We design customized trainings inspired by your cultural environment and focused on upgrading human interactions.

We support managers, HR teams and business leaders, tackling discrimination, unconscious bias, gender inequity, sexual harassment or micro-agressions.

We also offer writing services for an inclusive HR communication and consistent employment brand.

Vu merci is part of Coopaname, a cooperative business based in Paris, France

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