Hans Ellef Wettre

Hans Ellef Wettre is 46 years old (born in 1976) and has two children and three bonus children. He lives on the farm where the brewery is situated with his girlfriend and the kids He has a background as a mechanic. He has been in the industry for 10 years and works mostly with PR and customer relation and some sales.


Wettre Bryggeri

Wettre Bryggeri was founded on 12.12.12 and after a slow start, started brewing commercially in 2015. It is situated at a farm approximately 20 km south of Oslo in Norway. The brewhouse is a 12 hl kit with an attached still on the boiler, so we can make both beer and spirits. The annual production is around 6000 hl beer and 400 hl of spirits. The brewery has a brewpub in the old barn where we do a lot of tastings, parties, and we have the pub open for everyone every Friday all year round.

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