Gert de Rouck

Born in 1974.

Studies: Academic degree in Industrial Engineering – Biochemistry at KaHo St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium (1996). PhD in bioscience engineering at KU Leuven (2013): System changes in wort production for the improvement of the flavour stability of lager beer

Appointments: 1996-1997: production engineer at lambic brewery De Troch. 1997-1999: project assistant at KaHo St.-Lieven. 1999-2001: Product development at the “proef” brewery. 2001 – 2015: Master brewer of pilot brewery (2-5 hl) KU Leuven@TCGent. 2015 – present: Manager of pilot facilities Malting and Brewing Technology (EFBT). Courses (theory and practice) in malting and brewing technology and biochemical engineering techniques.

Research topics: wort production, flavour stability, mixed fermentations, high tech hopping, botanicals and wood barrel ageing.

2020 – present: Chairman of the Brewing Science Group of EBC.

Gert de Rouck - KU Leuven

As part of EFBT (Enzyme, Fermentation and Brewing Technology) and member of the Leuven Institute of Beer Research (LIBR), we have 100+ year of expertise in training, consulting and scientific-practical research in malting and brewing technology.

Our Core Expertise in Malting and Brewing Technology:

  • Beer flavour quality and flavour stability
    • Detailed flavour characterisation by analytical, sensorial and multivariate data analysis
    • Evaluation of raw materials and process parameters in relation to beer flavour/flavour stability
    • Implementation of reliable model systems to determine the degree of flavour deterioration on beer storage
    • Development and implementation of novel malt and beer production systems to enhance flavour quality and flavour stability
    • High-tech hopping: i.e. the development and application of highly enriched hop fractions based on bitter acids, hop aromas, and hop polyphenols, respectively, in order to impart refined hop characters to beer, combined with prolonged flavour stability
  • Craft beers
    • e. the study of barrel ageing and usage of wood and ‘alternatives’, study on botanicals, use of mixed-cultures for sour beer production,…
  • Proteomics
    • the study of yeast behaviour during fermentation by quantification of differentially expressed proteins and associated changes in their post-translational modifications
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