Elodie Colin Petit

Mrs. Elodie Colin-Petit is director of business development for Malteries Soufflet, serving interests of the company since 2017. Firstly, responsible for the commercial management of international industrial brewers including AB-InBev and Carlsberg, she quickly obtained the support of the board of directors to initiate a strategic approach to customers. The perspective was to offer much more than just malt to brewers, but a whole series of services that meet many of their expectations (CSR, operational efficiency, supply chains, production, marketing, digital, contents, …) Since 2020, several offers have emerged and continue to be created, including the blockchain solution “Transparency” that is presented during this 2023 forum.

Mrs. Colin-Petit is also the editor of the free online press review “World Beer and Spirits!”, involving 8000 readers, bringing daily news of the industry.

Mrs. Colin-Petit holds an executive MBA from the ESSEC Business School in Paris.

She is the author of a professional thesis “how to better value the business of commodity and avoid the price trap in B2B. (ESSEC, 2018).


Elodie Colin-Petit, Malteries Soufflet

Malteries Soufflet (Invivo Group) is the   #2 leading international players in the malt industry, working in 28 malt plants in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa with an annual production capacity of 2.4 million tons of malt. 

InVivo Group is one of Europe’s leading agricultural groups with revenues of nearly €12 billion, with more than half of which generated in France, and a workforce of 15,000 employees, including more than 10,000 in France. With operations in 38 countries, it has more than 90 industrial sites, including 63 in France.

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