Amelie Tassin, Founder and Director of Tipple Marketing

Amelie Tassin is the Founder and Director of Tipple Marketing, a marketing and strategy agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

With over 15 years experience, Amelie has worked across several European sectors from retail banking and property development to cosmetics and food and drink. Her agency’s work is truly ‘the Swiss Army knife of marketing’ and offers tailored services for all needs thanks to Amelie’s wealth of cross-industry experience.

In 2018 she founded Beers Without Beards, a ‘women who beer’ group in Edinburgh – the following year she launched the successful Women In Beer Festival (WIB Fest), a celebration of women and non-binary individuals in the industry with an impressive roster of events including tap takeovers, talks, and tastings. The festival continues to run annually, providing a platform for those least represented in the industry.

A fierce advocate for more equality and inclusivity in the food and drink industry, Amelie also organises workshops and inclusivity training designed to help businesses improve their DEI practices and provide a safe and welcoming environment for their team and customers.

Amelie Tassin, Founder and Director of Tipple Marketing

Founded in January 2022, Tipple Marketing is a marketing and strategy agency that helps food and drink businesses to find their place in a competitive market. 

Like a Swiss Army Knife of marketing, we offer tailored services for all needs; from brand strategy and social media management to inclusivity training and workshops to helping businesses include DEI in their day to day marketing.

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