Afel Amberber

Afel started her career in the legal field in Ethiopia far away from Marketing after completion of law school. While working on her first job at a court, she took on a part time job at a marketing agency which was mainly supposed to be a financial support for her masters studies at the time. That is when she discovered the eye opening and inspiring world of Marketing where she fell in love unexpectedly. She realized she felt alive like never before when she was in the field and ended up finding her passion and has been invested behind it since then. 

Afel is now working in the Netherlands as a Global Brand Manager at Swinkels Family Brewers. Before that Afel served as a Marketing Manager at Habesha Breweries in Ethiopia where she worked for almost 5 years assuming different roles in brand management, research and innovation. Before that she worked at different marketing and research agencies in roles on account management, strategy development.

Afel has a track record of success designing and implementing insights driven strategies to launch and grow FMCG brands in emerging markets like Africa. And now she is expanding her expertise and experience working in the European market on the FMCG sector. She is driven by self-development and curiosity to challenge the limits in her career and day to day life.  

Afel Amberber, Habesha

Habesha Breweries S.C. is a beverage company that is founded in Ethiopia. The company was incepted by visionary founders who wanted to build a beverage company that produced brands for Ethiopians, by Ethiopians. They were then able to bring together more than 8,000 passionate Ethiopian shareholders who had a mission of building and running an efficient customer-oriented business that will deliver the most sought-after beverage brands to Ethiopians.

Within the first few years of launching, the flagship brand has positioned itself in the minds of its audience as an authentic Ethiopian brand. Moved by the vision of reaching and connecting with Ethiopians, the company has grown rapidly by delivering its promise to many Ethiopians across Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

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