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Insights into a “new”, post-Covid world

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3rd of June, from 14:00 to 15:00 C.E.T

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This session provides views from market and consumer analysts on what trends have developed during the Covid-19 outbreak and related lockdowns. Are these trends going to last and to what extent will the beer and alcoholic beverages world return to a pre-Covid normal?

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NAME: Rick Keen

TITLE: Vice-President, EMEA, RepTrack

BIOGRAPHY: Rick has spent more than two decades providing companies with expert advice on how to protect, defend and enhance their corporate reputation.  He’s worked client side – leading Insight departments, as well as agency side – supporting global companies across multiple sectors with their communication strategies. Rick is passionate about using data to prove to companies that doing and saying the right thing is good business.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: How has Covid-19 changed the Reputation landscape

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: This session will explore the Global and European changes to what drives reputation following the pandemic, looking closely at how ESG credentials are emerging as the key opportunity area for Brewers to build a stronger, greener reputation.


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NAME: Thorsten Hartmann

TITLE: Director of custom analytics, IWSR Drinks Market Analysis

BIOGRAPHY: Thorsten Hartmann is the director of custom analytics at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the leading source of data and intelligence on the alcoholic beverage market. Thorsten leads the IWSR’s custom analytics team, providing clients with data, insights and strategic advice to help them define, refine and build their global business strategies.

Thorsten has an extensive background in FMCG consultancy and beverage industry market research. Previous roles include director of consulting for GlobalData (formerly Canadean), as well as consulting roles at IMES Consulting/ManSci.

For more information about IWSR, please visit www.theiwsr.com

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TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Navigating the New Normal: Global Beverage Alcohol Trends & Covid-19 Impact

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: This session will assess the category performance across beverage alcohol with a focus on EU beer trends, the impact of Covid-19 and outlook over the next five years.

You will discover IWSR’s view of the forecasted recovery, opportunities in the low- and no-alcohol space and fast-moving ready-to-drink market and Covid-19’s impact on consumer purchasing behavior and channel shifting in this new landscape.


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Name : Maria Markus

Biography : Finnish journalist, radio host and beer sommelier Maria Markus has been working in the media sector in over a decade. In addition to writing and making videos about beer and food, she likes to conduct tastings, learn more about innovative brewing experiments and home brewers’ achievements, to then create new media concepts to promote beer culture and network with other beer lovers.

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