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Green recovery : investing in sustainability to boost growth

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1st of June, from 15:30 to 16:30 C.E.T

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Sustainability is key and becoming even more important for the success of your business. This session focusses on three aspects of sustainability directly affecting your brewery: legislation, operation and communication.

Drahomira Mandikova from Asahi explains how the EU is shaping policy through the Green Deal and how it is impacting the brewing sector. Jan Paul Rutten will showcase the motivation behind Gulpener Brewery’s mission to build the greenest brewhouse in Europe and what benefits that has brought to this family brewery. And as the saying goes: ‘be good and tell it’, Mandi MacKay explains how Sierra Nevada communicates its achievements to a wider audience.  

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NAME: Drahomira Mandikova

BIOGRAPHY: Chair of the Sustainability Expert Group at the Brewers of Europe and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Asahi Breweries Europe & International. In her company role, she leads teams responsible for external and internal communications, public affairs and sustainability.

Drahomíra graduated in economics and spent the first ten years of her professional career as an economist in the banking sector. For the last twenty one years, she has worked in brewing.

Drahomíra Mandíková has engaged in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development for a number of years now, proactively driving the entrepreneurial sector towards greater sustainability, with a focus on supporting diversity in business and female leadership.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Green recovery as the way forward

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: The Green Deal is at the core of the COVID-19 recovery strategy as a top priority for Europe.  The momentum is greater than ever to set an example and work together towards a carbon-neutral future and a sustainable economy. Each sector faces its own opportunities and challenges in embracing the green recovery. What does it mean for us, brewers? How can we work together at reaching sustainability goals?

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NAME: Jan-Paul Rutten

TITLE: CEO, Gulpener Brewery

BIOGRAPHY: Jan-Paul Rutten

Jan-Paul, 46 years old,  was educated as a surgeon at the Medicine & Tropical Medicine in Amsterdam Male, where he graduated in 2003 before working as a surgeon from 2004 to 2012, including a year in Nepal (2011 to 2012). He joined his family company Guplener in 2012 before becoming the 8th generation CEO in 2015.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: A new milestone in 25 years of sustainabel beer; the most sustainabel brewhouse of Europe

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Gulpener started it’s sustainability program in the 90’s.

Jan-Paul’s father created a vison where partnerships in the region where the basis of the brewery’s activities. This led to a 95% use of local raw materials.

Since than the program has been expanded with a Brewpub & visitors center who’s activities are based on the 25-miles principle and a serious investment program that led to the opening of the most sustainable brewhouse of Europe in 2020. It is the breweries goal to reach a fossil free beer production in 2030.

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NAME: Mandi McKay

TITLE: Director of Social Responsibility and sustainability expert, Sierra Nevada Brewery

BIOGRAPHY: Mandi McKay is the Director of Sustainability for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. where she leads initiatives and commitments aimed at fostering an enduring and resilient company. Focused on both operational and systems change actions, Mandi manages efforts related to zero waste and circularity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of natural resources, and advocating for state and federal policies that align with science and contribute to a more sustainable industry and future. Mandi has been championing sustainability at Sierra Nevada for 12 years and has a background in environmental conservation and protection.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Brewing a Successful Sustainability Program at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Sustainability has been a core operating philosophy at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co for more than 40 years. Founded on the principles of zero waste, efficiency, and a deep respect for the natural world, the brewery has become a model for the American craft industry, demonstrating that good beer can do a lot of good. This session will highlight Sierra Nevada’s investments in sustainability related to zero waste, energy, water, packaging, transportation, and advocacy.


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NAME: Simon Spillane

TITLE: Public Affairs and Communication Director, The Brewers of Europe

BIOGRAPHY: Simon Spillane is the Director of Communications & Public Affairs at The Brewers of Europe, the European confederation uniting 29 national brewers associations, to promote and represent the interest of Europe’s 11,000 breweries.

A British and Belgian national, Simon has worked at The Brewers of Europe for seventeen years, holding a number of different positions. He previously worked at an advertising agency after completing his studies in French and Italian language and literature. He is a passionate beer consumer and lives in Brussels with his wife and three sons.



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