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Digitalisation of the economy

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1st of June, from 12:00 yo 13:00 C.E.T

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The pandemic changed our way of life in ways no one could anticipate. Yet it also accelerated trends that had already begun, such as the digitalisation of the economy. Many companies have gone online and with the lockdowns all companies needed to choose this path; be it for visibility or for selling goods directly. Breweries have also embraced this movement but have faced hurdles. Clo shows us how to go beyond awareness on social media and create meaningful conversions, whilst Hugo explains how online sales directly to consumers can be boosted for small breweries.

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NAME: Clo Willaerts

TITLE: Program manager Digital Business at Karel de Grote College in Antwerp, Belgium

BIOGRAPHY: Clo is a marketing professional with extensive experience in internet business (communities, streaming media, portals, social networks, social media) and in offline media (radio, tv, print). She recently published “Digital Marketing like a PRO”, the handbook for anyone with a digital pulse.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Beyond the likes: how to make money with social media

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: In the past 18 months, the food and drink industry had to learn fast how to take their business online. But we’re also learning how to create content for the web, tell stories on social media, and create communities around our brands. Clo Willaerts will walk you through her Content – Community – Commerce model, which will allow you to convert your fans into paying customers.


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NAME: Hugo Hanselman

TITLE: Director of HuHeHa and CEO of B-Sprouts

BIOGRAPHY: Throughout his career, Hugo realized digital transformation across the planet. Working for AB InBev in Leuven and New York, he has honed his talents for innovative and effective consumer engagement strategies via digital channels, such as web, mobile and social media, as well as digitising the on premise consumption experiences. He is now based in Brussels where he founded his own company, HuHeHa, offering business strategy consultancy in the areas of marketing and sales, innovation as well as digital transformation. Hugo is also CEO of B-Sprouts, a startup accelerator and advisor to several startups active in the beverage and hospitality industries across Europe.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Beer direct-to-consumer (DTC), why – how – what

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns and closures of hospitality businesses, many brewers lost the core of their market. Besides buying more beer in retail, consumers started to look online for beers, their favourite ones, but also to explore new ones and order them for delivery. This habit of consumers is here to stay and poses challenges, but also offers opportunities. How to cope with these changes? What are successful strategies? Which capabilities are required? Are there success stories?


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NAME: John Duffy

TITLE: Blogger, The Beer Nut and chair of Beoir (Ireland’s Beer Consumer Union)

BIOGRAPHY: John has been blogging as The Beer Nut since 2005, making his blog one of the longest-running in the world. Based in Dublin, he is an ardent supporter of independent Irish brewing and consumer rights, and currently chairs Beoir, Ireland’s beer consumer organisation. He works as a librarian and is fascinated by Irish brewing history.

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