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Measuring and further improving beer’s footprint

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4th of June, from 11:30 to 12:30 C.E.T

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As the EU works towards legislation on Green claims and declarations, the beer sector has multiple fascinating case studies of brewers and others within the beer value chain fully integrating sustainability into their businesses, pursuing improvements at every step of the way.

This session will feature a presentation of a first-of-its-kind online tool to measure impacts at every step of the life cycle, allowing brewers to benchmark against others and identify the actions that can reap the most benefits in terms of environmental impact. The Beer PEFCR (Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules) was developed as a pilot with the European Commission.

The session will also include some of the best practises across the industry, including a case study from the EC-funded LIFE brewery project – another highly-replicable integrated solution to recover brewery secondary materials for aquaculture-feed ingredients.

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NAME: David San Martin

TITLE: Efficient Sustainable Processes, Azti, Spain

BIOGRAPHY: David San Martín Errea, Bachelor of Biology from the U.S.C.. He has worked as a food researcher in AZTI since 2009, involved in European R & D projects focused on the sustainability of food industry, specifically in the management, valorisation and recovery of food waste. His research career has focused on the development of bioprocesses and stabilization technologies for the enhancement of food by-products as ingredients for animal feed.

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NAME: Maxime Dupriez

TITLE: RDC Environment

BIOGRAPHY: Maxime is a bio-engineer with a Master degree from UCL, Belgium. He joined RDC Environment in 2012.

He initially worked on studies in waste management, then broadened his skills to include Life Cycle Analysis. He develops sector-specific LCA tools and creates EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for building materials.

Maxime is also involved in R&D work with the aim of automating the conversion of LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) to comply with the requirements of ecoSpold and ILCD formats.


His expertise includes:

  • An understanding of LCA software (databases, LCI formats, data-processing features and userfriendly interfaces)
  • Modelling product life cycles using a sector-specific approach
  • Producing customized interfaces that offer sector-specific tools to meet clients’ needs
  • Creating EPDs – Benchmarking studies – Mapping of geo-referenced data

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NAME: Thomas Deck

TITLE: Founder of Deck & Donohue – France’s first brewery “à mission”

BIOGRAPHY: Thomas holds degrees in political science and business. He discovered craft beer during a study abroad program in the US and after 8 years of homebrewing, he cofounded Deck & Donohue on the outskirts of Paris in 2014. 

Thomas has a long standing interest in sustainability and corporate responsibility topics; his masters thesis back in 2004 focused on corporate social responsibility, and Deck & Donohue is the first and so far sole brewery to adopt the “entreprise à mission” model created by French law in 2019. 

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    NAME: Marthijn Junggeburth

    TITLE: Program manager Sustainability, Royal Swinkels Brewery – Boer Bier Water project

    BIOGRAPHY: Marthijn Junggeburth, aged 61 years, is the Sustainability manager at Swinkels Family Brewers. He has a background in biochemistry, safety and environment.


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      NAME: Simon Spillane

      TITLE: Director of Communications & Public Affairs at The Brewers of Europe

      BIOGRAPHY: Simon Spillane is the Director of Communications & Public Affairs at The Brewers of Europe, the European confederation uniting 29 national brewers associations, to promote and represent the interest of Europe’s 11,000 breweries.

      A British and Belgian national, Simon has worked at The Brewers of Europe for seventeen years, holding a number of different positions. He previously worked at an advertising agency after completing his studies in French and Italian language and literature. He is a passionate beer consumer and lives in Brussels with his wife and three sons

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