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Accessing retail to diversify the distribution channel

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1st of June, from 10:30 to 11:30 C.E.T

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With an exploding number of breweries in Europe – from 5,000 breweries 5 years ago to more than 10,000 breweries now – more brands and beer styles are available to consumers. Whilst established brewers have long benefited from their presence on supermarket shelves, smaller brewers are now competing for space there too.

This not only represents an important source of visibility and growth for new brewers, but also offers consumers a larger variety of choice. It’s proven to be vital during the closure of hospitality venues, when brewers needed to sell more through off-trade.  Charles-Antoine Clabaux, from Brasserie Ardwen, will tell us how he has managed to sell his beers to larger retailers- all whilst maintaining quality, reputation and a business-driven model. Tom Maneschijn, from Untappd, will explain how brewers can use the data provided by Apps and websites such as Untappd to identify where their beers are sold – or not – and more efficiently target their distribution and marketing efforts.

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NAME: Charles-Antoine Clabaux

TITLE: General Director, Brasserie Ardwen

BIOGRAPHY: Charles-Antoine Clabaux is the General Director of Ardwen. Founded in 2006 by a team of young passionate people and located in the French Ardennes, Brasserie Ardwen brews a series of craft beer and market them successfully in French retail chains.

Title of the presentation : How to successfully market craft beer in the retail sector?

Summary of the presentation : Charles-Antoine, CEO of Ardwen, a small craft brewery in France, explains how the brewery successfully sells its beer through the French retail sector. What are the strategic considerations to be made? What risks does it represent for the brewery? What are the traps to avoid? What are the benefits? Learn from his experience!

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NAME: Tom Maneschijn

TITLE: Vice President Europe Operations at Next Glass / Untappd

BIOGRAPHY: After a 10+ year career in the brewing industry, Tom Maneschijn was asked to setup the international organization for Untappd based in the Netherlands and serving all countries outside the USA. With a talented enthusiastic team we represent that huge userbase of beer lovers in Europe and enable the beer industry to grow their business using our digital products and services.

SUMMARY OF THE PRESENTATION: How a brewer can get a competitive advantage with data to prioritise distribution channels and increase salesforce effectiveness, know where to spend their time and sell more beer.


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NAME: Rick Kempen – confirmed

TITLE: Beer Ambassador, Bier & Co

BIOGRAPHY: For well over thirty years, my life has been all about beer. Flunking out of University because of my side-job as a waiter in De Pilsener Club turned out to be one of the best things ever happening to me. My eleven-year career as a waiter was crowned by winning the title of Holland’s ‘Best Beer Tapper’. In 1998 I joined Bier&cO, one of Europe’s leading beer import and distribution companies, dedicated to bringing craft beer from all over the globe to the people. Having held various positions within Bier&cO, I eventually shaped its Export department by representing a handful of American Craft Breweries. Together with a handful of others we pioneered the European market which helped start a European ‘beer revolution’.  Today I am Beer Ambassador at Bier&cO, travelling around the globe, promoting and educating about a portfolio of special, exciting and one-of-a-kind craft beers. I am a regular contributor to a wide variety of (inter)national beer magazines and have written various books on beer. As a judge I served on many (inter)national beer contests, am a Herald in the ‘Low Lands Beer Society’, an Honorary Knight of the ‘Knighthood of the Brewer’s Mash Staf’ (aka Belgian Brewers Guild) and a certified beer sommelier (Doemens Diplom-Biersommelier). I co-founded the ‘Dutch Beer Week’, a typically ten-day event to celebrate and enjoy each and every Dutch beer, as well as the ‘Dutch Beer Challenge’, a competition for Dutch beers. I like to see myself as a professional beer connoisseur who has had the pleasure of making a hobby out of his work. Cheers!

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