Zufall, Carsten

Carsten Zufall is Head of Technology and Innovation at Polar Breweries (Venezuela), where he is responsible for brewing technology, brewing materials, applied research and new product design. He graduated in Brewing Science from Berlin Technical University in 1990 and subsequently completed a Ph. D. (Dr.-Ing.). Following postdoctoral lecture qualification, he was awarded Associate Professorship (Priv.-Doz.) in Brewing Science in 2001 and teaches regularly at Berlin Technical University. Carsten was chairman of the EBC Brewing Science Group from 2011 until 2021 and is a member of various brewers’ and maltsters’ associations. He serves with the Editorial Boards of the Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Brewing Science and the ASBC Journal and he is a past president of MBAA’s District Venezuela. His research activities include beer flavour stability, flavour chemistry, sensory analysis, microbiology and environmental topics.



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February 25, 2022