Zambrano Silva, Luis Fernando

Brewmaster and Maltster, with more than 25 years of experience in the beer industry, malt drinks and soft drinks. New product and process development brewer in Bavaria (Colombia), SAB Miller (LatAm Zone) and ABInBev (Copec Zone). For nearly 14 years coordinating the research and the pilot tests to determine process conditions, escalations and manufacturing starts for new products in Latin America. Project Leader Brewer in the design, assembly and start-up of the new pilot plant (Copec Research Center-Colombia).
Process brewer in kitchens (brewhouse), cellars and commercial support brewer (Trade brewer) in Bavaria and SAB Miller.
During the last two years of working with ABInBev, as Senior Brewmaster, he supported the education and training of new product research and development of brewers for the MAZ zone.

Since 2015 has worked professionally with the technology, Infusion Spirals® and in more recent years as a full time brewmaster consultant for OIS&Associates LLC. Zambrano Silva provides technical advice and support in the development of new beer products with this technology for both industrial and craft breweries.



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February 11, 2022