Riaza, Eduardo

Born in Madrid (1987) this Geological Engineer started homebrewing as a hobby and soon it became his passion. Little did he know , that in 2014 he would exchange the bathtub for the brewhouse of a little entrepreneurship called Cerveza Goose located in Segovia (Spain).

After five years he realised his product would benefit from beermaking scientifical knowledge, which led to leaving the stability of his job and pursuing a degree in Brewing Sciences. During this program in the ESCYM – Alcala de Henares University, he co-developed an alcohol free india pale ale. It was challenging to craft from scratch a good-tasting alcohol free india pale ale due to the broken balance we are left with when extracting such a relevant factor from the equation.

After finishing his master, he moved to San Sebastian to work for Mala Gissona Brewery where he currently works. His transversal knowledge and skills help him to understand from a holistic point of view the different disciplines and the complex processes involved in beer-making.



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April 6, 2022