O’Mahony, Thomas

Thomas O’Mahony is a Multimedia Creative Producer who focuses on the production of media products for brands. He specializes in helping brands big and small tell stories through the medium of podcasting. He personally produces and hosts A New Brew, a podcast about great stories, about great beer, told by the people who make it. The award nominated show showcases some of Ireland’s best independent brewers as well as industry leaders in journalism, marketing, design, and retail.

Thomas also conducts research into marketing trends within the independent brewing industry, his primary focus is the role of place identity and authenticity in craft beer marketing. His research paper “In Search Of A New Craft” is available (here) and it discusses the role local identity and authenticity play in marketing of independent brewers in Ireland in a world where the word “craft” is becoming more and more nondescript.

“Thomas firmly believes that as the independent brewing market grows, brewers will face more and more competition from macrobrewers in the marketing space, therefore they must rely on the uniqueness of their product and their identity to truly standout.”



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February 14, 2022