Meyering, Stefan

Stefan Meyering, born in Westphalia, Germany. Weihenstephan Master graduate, Dipl. Ing. (TUM), of 2013. His brewing passion started during the biochemistry class in high school and has been emphasized those days with an internship at Schloßbrauerei Rheder in Westphalia, Germany. After high school graduation, he became an apprentice as brewer & malster and later employee at Kulmbacher Brauerei AG, Germany. The conjunctional internship was located at IREKS malting, Kulmbach. Started in 2014 as project manager at corosys Prozeßsysteme und Sensoren GmbH, Hofheim, Germany. Spent 2017 at the corosys subsidiary company Kellerworks, Fort Collins, CO. Back in Germany he moved on as technical sales manager for corosys and is now responsible for the global sales and marketing acitivities.



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February 11, 2022