Gronvogl, Michael

M. Granvogl is Full Professor at the Chair of Food Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, University of Hohenheim, Germany. His focus is on the analysis and formation of desired (aroma-active) and undesired (food-borne toxicants) bioactives in foods. In 2019, he was decorated with the Fellow Award of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division (AGFD), part of the American Chemical Society (ACS).In 2016, he received the Young Scientist Award of the AGFD as well as the “Kurt-Täufel” award (honor for the best young scientist in food chemistry in Germany).Actually, he is Vice-Chair of AGFD and he was President of the German Society of Food Chemists (Bavaria; 2010-2015) and Chair of the Food Safety Subdivision (AGFD; 2019). He has organized many national and international symposia, has authored/co-authored >70 peer-reviewed papers, 65 non-peer-reviewed papers, and 3 patent publications. He is well-known at many and international symposia for >100 oral presentations.



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February 11, 2022

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