Fumanal, Antonio

Antonio J. Fumanal Sopena. Brew Master at La Zaragozana S.A. since 2000. Bachelor of Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza. Member of the team that teaches Brewing Technology in the Brewing Master of Alcala de Henares University organized under ESCYM support. PhD student looking for new beer, cereal, and fermentation frontiers. Before beer captured his life, he gained professional experience making R+D work for P&G, “chemistry to make our life easier”, and process engineering for Guardian Glass, “looking for a more transparent world”. Today, he is responsible for maintaining the spirit of La Zaragozana’s historical recipes while adapting them to the current consumer demands; new flavours, gluten and alcohol-free beers and extreme fermentations are part of his continuous professional challenges. He has published articles about beer history, tendencies and nutritional values.”



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February 11, 2022