Fité, Benet

TITLE: QA, R&D and EP Managing Director & Brew&Hub Business Director at Mahou San Miguel and EBC President

BIOGRAPHY: Benet Fité completed his studies in Chemical Engineering at IQS (Barcelona). Afterwards, he enrolled for a Brewing and Malting Master’s Degree at the Universidad Politécnica (Madrid). An MBA followed at EADA (Barcelona) and ADECA at San Telmo BS in Sevilla. In terms of experience, he has been involved in the beer industry for the last 25 years at Mahou San Miguel, occupying different technical and managerial positions. Currently, he is a member of the Mahou San Miguel Executive Committee with two main roles, one as QA, R&D and EP Managing Director; and another one, as Brew&Hub Business Managing Director.



Posted on

February 11, 2022