Daenen, Luk

Luk Daenen obtained his PhD at the Center for Malting and Brewing Science of the KU Leuven, about increasing the flavour of hops and cherry via yeast. Afterwards, he studied yeast flocculation as part of an ESA funded postdoctoral research project. In 2010, he joined AB InBev as Product & Process Development Specialist. Then, he was involved in projects to select new yeasts for innovative beverages and develop fermentation technologies as Global Yeast & Fermentation Specialist. Since 2016, he’s leading the Global Yeast and Fermentation team, that helps to preserve the quality of AB InBev’s past and future, keeps the heritage of its beers alive, develops sustainable fermentation processes, and makes new innovations for consumers possible. Luk is also coordinator of the Brewing program of the Baillet Latour Fund.



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February 11, 2022

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