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Lager beer, the different styles | The Brewers of Europe Forum

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Is 2021 – the year of the lager beer?

Key information

2nd of June, from 09 :00 to 10:00 C.E.T

Session description

More than 90% of the world’s beer production is lager characterized as pilsners or blond/light lagers.

What role does a pilsner or a light lager fulfil and how ‘naked’ is it? In this session you’ll see examples of lagers and interesting production principles for improved flavour stability purposes.

Speakers information

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NAME: Jens Eiken

TITLE: Global Product Manager, IFF Brewing & Distilling

BIOGRAPHY: Jens has international expertise and a proven track record based on a passion for innovation and progress.  He is a skilled Master Brewer and worked at many breweries and ingredient companies in leading roles across the complete supply chain – Carlsberg Breweries, The Jacobsen Brewhouse, Molson Coors, Royal Unibrew, Novozymes & Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

Jens joined DuPont, now IFF, in 2018 and in his current role focuses on innovation and sustainability solutions – using enzymes to support our customers in the brewing and distilling industry improve the sustainability and efficiency of their processes.

Jens is also an author, co-author and contributor to books and articles about beer, including – for example – the “Oxford Companion to Beer” and “The Naked beer – the book about pilsner” (will be ready soon in English).  In addition, he developed a learning App for iPhones called “Brewers Hops”.

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NAME: John Brauer

TITLE: EBC Executive Officer

BIOGRAPHY: John, M.Sc. Dipl. Brew., is the EBC Executive Officer at The Brewers of Europe in Brussels. He is responsible for the activities and day-to day management of the European Brewery Convention, best known for EBC events such as the biennial EBC congresses and symposia. He leads the two EBC working parties, the Analysis Group as well as the Brewing Science Group. John completed a Master’s degree in Marine Science at the University of Cape Town, followed by qualifying for a Dipl. Brew. (IBD) with distinction. His previous positions included being a member of the R&D team at SA Breweries in Johannesburg, ferment and maturation cellars manager, a pilot brewer and beverage water consultant. Before moving to Belgium to head up EBC, he was a project manager at CampdenBRI, a brewing laboratory and technical training facility in Nutfield / Surrey (UK). His brewing interests lie firmly within the scope of technological improvements to product quality, especially as applied to bottom-fermented beers.


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NAME: Tiago Brandão

TITLE: Director Innovation & R&D, Superbock Group

BIOGRAPHY: Tiago is Innovation & R&D Director at Superbock Group, Portugal, where he accumulates with being Project Director of The Browers Company (a microbrewing business initiative, locally). With almost 20 years of professional experience in brewing and beverage company, Tiago, who owns a biochemistry degree from the Porto Science Faculty and two Masters of Science degrees in Biotechnology (De Monfort University, Leicester) and in Brewing Engineering (Scandinavian School of Brewing), has been President of the European Brewery Convention from 2016 to 2020 and is currently a member of the EBC Executive Team.