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Maturating beer in re-used barrels to provide flavor

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2nd of June, from 15:30 to 16:30 C.E.T

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Refermenting and maturing beer in beer barrels is one thing, refermenting and maturing beer in barrels that were previously used for a different purpose is something completely different and requires specific skills which are increasingly recognized by consumers and beer connoisseurs.

The flavours and aroma-contributing bacteria that are transferred to the beer make for splendid, subtle, yet difficult to produce barrel-matured beers and what was originally in the barrel will strongly influence the profile of the end beer. Jocelyn, brew master in the excellence wine-growing area of Bordeaux, France, explains how he works with Brettanomyces and repurposed wine-barrels to develop perfectly balanced beers. Matt, from the US, shares his experience with former spirits-barrel and how he imparts specific spirits flavurs to beer.

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NAME: Matt Brynildson

TITLE: Brew master and partner, Firestone Walker Brewing Company

BIOGRAPHY: Matt graduated from Kalamazoo College and began his brewing career with KALSEC (Kalamazoo Spice Extraction Company) working as hop chemist.  After attending the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology, he joined the Goose Island Beer Company where he was Head Brewer of the Chicago Fulton Street production facility from 1996-2000.  In 2001 Matt joined the Firestone Walker Brewing Company as Brewmaster and became a partner in 2010.  He also works as a brewing consultant for Hop Growers of America and has presented to brewers at all levels, both in the USA and abroad, about American grown hops.  Matt was the 2007 recipient of the Brewers Association Russell Scherer Award for Innovation in Brewing.  He has been named Champion Brewmaster 4 times at the Brewers Association’s World Beer Cup and Brewer of the Year 6 times at the Great American Beer Festival.  He recently completed a year-long sabbatical in Belgium with his wife Alison and their two children working at the Duvel Moortgat Brewery in Puurs.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION:  Transforming beer though spirt barrel aging

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Matthew will shed light on the magic – and challenges – of maturating beers in barrels which have been repurposed from spirit production. He will explain what are the important aspects to take into account, what works and what does not, and also how flavors are imparted from the barrel to the beer.

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NAME: Jocelyn Chazel

TITLE: Co-funder and brewer, Brasserie L’Effet Papillon

BIOGRAPHY: After a master degree specialized in Wine Law, Jocelyn started his career at the Nadalié cooperage where he was tasked with developing a pico-brewery for running oenological trials on beer. He rapidly moved away from the legal aspects of his job to focus on brewing by following the University Degree of Brewery Operator in La Rochelle, France. After three years at 3 Brasseurs in Avignon and Lyon, he quitted his job in 2016 to fund his own brewery, Brasserie L’Effet Papillon, with his partner Mathilde, next to Bordeaux.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION: Barrel aging and Brett development

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Jocelyn will provide technical explanation of his brewery beer protocol (Beer fermentation with Saccharomyces and barrel-aging with Brettanomyces) based on empirical data collected through three years of experience. He will cover the different types of Brettanomyces that are used and their impact on pH and specific gravity, as well as technical insights on aging Brettanomyces, the solera method and the impact on the finished beer.


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NAME : Jens Luckart

BIBLIOGRAPHY : Jens is an educated brew master from the Vienna Professional School for Brewing, Malting and Distilling as well as from the Technical University München/Weihenstephan. He worked as brew master at breweries Kapsreiter and Hofstetten before joining the Kiesbye Akademie to lead the Advanced Training on beer culture, especially the beer sommelier diplom.

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