Closing Reception

Receptions – The brewers forum 2023

Closing Reception, at Červený Jelen

Quantity: 700 persons

After two days of conferences and trade show with your peers, and before enjoying one of our nine technical visits, it will be time to test your knowledge of Czech beer in this iconic location! Funded as a bank, the team at Červený Jelen kept the old vault and structure and turned this old financial institution into a booming restaurant focused on delicious and attractive food. This perfect place for the closing reception will offer you lots of surprises, from the architecture and atmosphere of the building to the training that will allow you to serve beer the Czech way. In addition to the restaurant itself, his two terraces will offer you the occasion to enjoy perfectly brewed and poured Czech beers after two days of discussing them.

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

From 19.30 to 23.00
Červený Jelen (Hybernská 1034/5, 110 00 Nové Město)

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