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Professional bio Filip Van Opstaele

Filip Van Opstaele obtained an academic degree in Industrial Engineering in Biochemistry in 1993 from KAHO Sint-Lieven (Ghent, Belgium) and started working at the same institute as scientific researcher. In 2001 he joined the Biochemistry Department at KAHO as assistant scientist at the Laboratory of Enzyme, Fermentation and Brewing Technology (EFBT). In 2011 he obtained the degree of Doctor in Bioscience Engineering (KU Leuven). He is currently research scientist and Managing Director of the Analytical Centre at EFBT. Filip Van Opstaele lectures chromatography, spectroscopic techniques and analytical chemistry at KU Leuven (Faculty of Engineering Technology, Ghent Technology Campus).
Expertise: hop aroma and hoppy beer aroma analysis; (fractionated) supercritical fluid extraction of hop essential oils from hop pellets; (in)stability of (hoppy) beer flavour; analysis of the essential oil composition of herbs/spices and herbal beer flavours; wood maturation of beer: technological aspects, instrumental/sensory characterisation of woody beer flavours; analytical/sensory analysis of the flavour of non-alcoholic drinks (beer, fruit beverages); (hyphenated) mass spectrometric techniques

Professional title and affiliation

Dr. ing. Filip Van Opstaele
Research Scientist/Managing Director Analytical Centre EFBT

KU Leuven
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Ghent Technology Campus
Laboratory of Enzyme, Fermentation and Brewing Technology (EFBT)



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April 6, 2022

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