Segarra, Fede

Fede Segarra has a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and an MBA from Esade. After marketing various consumer goods brands for six years, he joined Damm in 1999 as Marketing Manager of the new mineral water division. For seven years he was in charge of the Veri and Fuente Liviana mineral water brands. In 2006, Fede Segarra became the head of the new Communication and External Relations department at Damm. He was responsible for the company’s editorial content, public relations, and relations with the media and institutions. He also oversaw the opening of the Estrella Damm Old Brewery as a space where the cultural, social, and sporting life of Barcelona comes together. In 2018, Fede Segarra became Director of Corporate Communications at Damm. He is currently Vice President of DirCom Catalunya, the Catalan association of directors of communication.



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February 11, 2022

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