Davies, Nigel

Dr. Nigel Davies is a Senior Advisor, Technical Services and Sustainability at First Key. He is an internationally recognized leader in sustainability in the malting and brewing industry, is well-published and has also been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences. At First Key, Nigel specializes in malting, supply chain, and sustainability, including strategy and carbon footprinting. He provides technical services including capital projects, manufacturing excellence, R&D, quality, health & safety, technical support and training for malting and brewing companies of all sizes. He is also skilled in the development of low-carbon roadmaps that align with a net zero pathway and science-based targets.
Prior to First Key, Nigel spent the majority of his career with Muntons and most recently was Director of Technical & Sustainability. He was responsible for initiating and driving Muntons’ sustainability program where he developed the strategy to improve environmental performance and sustainability across the food & beverage supply chain. He has won national awards for sustainable manufacturing and leadership and is an Associate Professor at University of Nottingham on Malting and Brewing Science and Environmental Sustainability.
Nigel received his PhD from the University of Wales and a Diploma in Brewing with distinction from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. He is an R&D representative for Maltsters Association of Great Britain and chair of the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme technical advisory committee. Outside of First Key, Nigel enjoys playing piano, musical theatre and all terrain cycling. He is qualified in British Sign Language, a Community First Responder and a Mental Health First Aider also providing mental health awareness courses for food manufacturers.



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February 14, 2022