Schneeberger, Mark

Dr. Mark Schneeberger, Head of Application Development Beverages and Beer, GEA

Dr. Mark Schneeberger has been Senior Director Application Development for Beverage and Brewing Technology at GEA in Kitzingen, Germany, the Group’s brewery hub, since October 2020. He is responsible for research & development, product management, LEAN as well as IP management. A trained brewer, he studied and obtained his doctorate in brewing and beverage technology at the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan. After professional positions as engineering manager in mechanical engineering companies, Schneeberger started as project director at GEA in 2014. There, he led various large-scale projects such as the 2 million hectoliter plant in South Korea and a multi-brewery order in the Philippines. Together with a team of brewing, utility and digitization experts, Mark Schneeberger is driving the sustainable and digital transformation of breweries.



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March 22, 2022

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