Top reasons to participate at the Trade Show


Opportunities to present your company and showcase your products and technologies to the entire sector.


Sector members and key opinion leaders from craft brewing businesses across the world get together to discuss raw and processed beer materials, brewing equipment, the latest technology and market trends.


Global opinions are brought together in a discussion about hot topics and development trends within the sector.


Obtain first-hand knowledge of customers, competitors and suppliers about the latest market trends.

9m² Booth

3 X 3m

Booth + 2 full entry badges

3.390 €

Booth 12m²

3 X 4m

Booth + 3 full entry badges

4.470 €

Bare surface

Select your size

300 €/m² + 200 € full entry badge

Both 12m2 and 9m2 options include:

  • Badges providing access to the expo hall and 2 days of conferences. Additional badges can be purchased for 200 € each.
  • Company logo, description of your business and website link on the event website and exhibitor catalogue.

Furniture included

• Wooden panels • Signage • Carpet • 2 stools • 1 table • Spot light • 1 waste bin • 1 electrical board 220V (1.500 W) • 1 multiple socket 220V • Access to a secure box to store your equipment • Other furnishings and amenities are available for purchase.

Advertising deals

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Rotating banner on event app

2 possibilities 2000 €*

page in the event catalogue

1000 copies 1100 €*

Logo on website homepage

All year long 900 €*

Special package

1 page catalog + logo 1500 €*

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